“A growth company, with small town, Midwestern roots and the values that go with them.”

Juhl began over 35 years ago, as a family business, founded by Dan and Mary Juhl. Dan was one of the first wind energy professionals in the United States and one of the first people to realize that the Buffalo Ridge area located in western Minnesota was one of the windiest places in America that happened to be positioned near a major population center – Minneapolis. Along the way, Dan and Mary moved to Woodstock, Minnesota to begin their own wind farm development and that is where our company is still headquartered today.

Even though Juhl is now a diversified, public company operating in all areas of clean energy, we will never lose our roots and our commitment to Rural America and to Community Wind. Dan Juhl helped create the Community Wind business model coupled with the public policy designed to support local ownership. This model allows our farmer landowners to be our partners so they can maximize the benefits of wind power.  Juhl has grown from 2 employees to over 50 today and from our Woodstock, MN headquarters to having offices in Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Pipestone and Red Lake Falls, Minnesota.  Collectively our leadership team has well over 300 years of experience in the energy industry.  Major Events in the history of Juhl Energy Inc.

  • 1978 – Dan starts in wind business with Lakestate Systems. Designed built and installed 30 Windharvesters

  • 1983 – Dan and Mary move to Woodstock Minnesota

  • 1983 – 1988 – Dan consults to over 1500 MWs of wind projects in California and Europe

  • 1986 – Dan builds first wind farm in the Midwest, on the “buffalo ridge” in southwest Minnesota

  • 1988 – DanMar is formed

  • 1990 – DanMar builds first municipal wind farm for Marshall, MN

  • 1990 – 2007
    • Led work on “community-based” wind farm legislation
    • Started NextGen power systems
    • Developed SolarBank and PowerBank
    • Developed 13 community wind farms totalling 118 MW
  • 2008 – Formed Juhl Wind Inc. as a public company
  • 2008 – 2012
    • Grant County Wind – 20 MWs
    • Adams Wind Farm – 20 MWs
    • Danielson Wind Farm – 20 MWs
    • Winona Wind Farm
    • Gunderson Lutheran Wind Project
    • Woodstock Municipal Wind
    • Crofton Hills Wind Farm
    • Valley View Wiind Farm
  • 2012 – Acquired Power Engineers Collaborative

  • 2013 – Started Juhl Tower Services
  • 2013 Juhl Wind becomes Juhl Energy Inc. to reflect our diversified family of clean energy companies


After serving his country in Vietnam and spending some good times as the lead guitarist in the rock band that Mary was the lead singer for – Renegade – Dan began his career in the wind industry. Dan was soon recognized as one of the leading experts in the field and began consulting to some of the leading companies, across the globe.  During that time, he consulted to Edison Capital, Johnson Controls, John Deere Capital, Nordex Turbines, Suzlon, Nebraska Power and Excel Energy. During his over 35 years in the business, Dan has developed over 1500 MWs of wind generation.

Over the years, the Juhl sons Tyler and Corey joined Dan in the business. And, after many years of solid growth, in 2008, Dan and John Mitola decided to take Juhl Wind to the next level, by going public and raising growth capital.  Since 2008, the company has developed 9 more wind projects totaling approximately $240 million in investment bringing our total capital put to work over our history to over $445 million. Today, Juhl Energy is the leading U.S. public company dedicated solely to Clean, Competitive Energy Solutions.

As Juhl Wind, we have developed Community Wind Farms involving over 75 farmers as true partner owners and not just leasing of turbine sites.