Juhl Energy Development, Inc.

Project Development and Operations

The Juhl team has been providing development, operations, maintenance, and administrative  services to renewable energy projects for over 35 years across all types of energy generating systems. Today, our JEDI subsidiary delivers the highest quality of project development services, feasibility analysis, and construction oversight.  Our engineering arm, Power Engineers Collaborative, provides in-house capabilities for project analysis, design, and implementation.  In addition, we have in-depth experience at assisting you with administering your project, monitoring of operations, and assisting with the management of maintenance issues that occur.

Customers We Serve:

  • Commercial Industrial Sites
  • Central Plants
  • Municipal Utilities / Cooperatives
  • IPP’s
  • Universities / Colleges
  • Hospital campuses
  • Large-scale resorts

Services We Provide:

  • Wind farm feasibility studies
  • Complete wind farm development including full financing, construction, ownership and operation
  • On-site, wind power development, ownership and operation
  • On-site cogeneration such as CHP
  • Solar systems and wind / solar hybrid projects
  • Administrative Project Services
  • Monitoring of Project Operations